Healthy Facts And Benefits About Popcorn

pop corn

Popcorn can be snacked during any time of the day, and you can eat them without any guilt if you prepare yourself. Most people enjoy snacking popcorns during movie nights. It is best to buy a popcorn machine, as it is budget friendly and healthy too. You can look for Best Popcorn Popper 2017 reviews before buying a popcorn machine.

A few people feel the popcorn bought in theaters are fluffier than the ones prepared at home. You can find tips on how to get fluffier popcorn right at home in, and you can also learn many such interesting facts about popcorn.

There are many health benefits related to air popped popcorn. It will help in regulating blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol levels, aid in the digestion process, prevents osteoporosis, cancer prevention, avoids premature aging and will further help you to reduce weight. The outer layer of corn is made of the hard shell which contains a starchy inner layer. When the corn gets heated the pressure inside the shell increases making them pop. There are many varieties of popcorn which can be cooked in a microwave or in other kernels which can be cooked in small appliances which are specifically designed for popping corn.

Popcorn is in use for about 6000 years as maize has been in use for from ancient times. It is assumed that simple heating of the plant in a fire would have created the first popcorn. The first archeological discoveries of popcorn were in Peru, but a few say that New Mexico and Central America also had traces of popcorn creation before 5000 years. Popcorns pop in different colors if colored kernels are used.

Many people enjoy popcorn around the world wherever corn is usually available. It turns out to be an unhealthy food only when you add salt, butter or other toppings on the popcorn which turns them into a junk food. If popcorn is consumed plain, then it is both healthy and delicious snack. Popcorn can be cooked only with heat, and you don’t need any oils to make them pop. The oils added additionally will affect the polyphenolic content of the shell once popped which will reduce the healthy benefits.

Nutritional Value
The health benefits of popcorn are derived from its fibrous content, antioxidant, vitamin B complex and magnesium content. Let us see how these nutrients will make popcorn to be a healthy choice.

Benefits Of Popcorn
Popcorn is a whole grain similar to the other grains which contain shelf, germ, and bran. It is not different than the whole grain cereals, rice and bread varieties which contain these important parts. Popcorn contains the fiber from bran, B complex vitamins, vitamin E which is stored inside them. The rich fiber content helps in proper digestion which means the bowel movements are smoother and quicker through the digestive system and further constipation problems will be avoided. The fiber content stimulates the peristaltic motion of the digestive muscles which stimulates the secretion of digestive liquid which helps in keeping the digestive system healthy.